School demographic. Getting your population at a glance. Plus birthday reminders.

SCHULUP has a great and fun way to manage your financials; fee collection, fee defaulters, expense management. All kinds of report, too easy to use.

Examination management, grading, parent end - ward academic performance analytics, report card download in seconds. SCHULUP is full featured!

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Parent Third Eye Complete wards academic analytics

Because modern life is too busy. It can be difficult sometimes to slow, put it together followup wards activities.

SCHULUP comes in handy, putting all of wards activities in one platform. Academics is very important, thats why they go to school, right?

Are you a parent that does not stop at paying school fees? You want to follow up your ward’s performance? SCHULUP brings graphical solutions to this.

Latest Testimonials

SCHULUP is easy to use and helps in organizing the school.
Dennis Whyte
SCHULUP is very efficient and useful.
Principal, Faith College
The software is smart and efficient tool for school management.
Mmendie Akpan

Key Features


Displays demographic, financial summary, birthday alerts, depending on privilege.

Finance Management

Fee records, fee collection, defaulters tracking, expense management, all kinds of income/expense reports.


Student attendance/lateness records.

student record

Student admission, links student to guardian account, class management, promotion and graduation.

Human Resource

Manages teacher's information.


Manages examination, easily customized report cards, broadsheets, performance reports.

Mobile ready

Does well on mobile devices.

Parent end

All wards in one account, easy to use, access to report cards, performance analytics.


Quick way to communicate with any system user; eacher parent or otherwise.

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