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What makes Schulup Schools best partner

Schulup is a complete school management system that automates every aspect of school life. It includes useful features for school admin, teachers, parents and student with a simple user interface and yet comprehensive for collaboration.

What does it take to get started?

We do not charge 100k as an initial set up. Initial setup fee is free.

How secure is my data?

We should mention our hosting company Amazon web services

What is Schulup initial Setup Process Like.

We at Schulup have tried to make start-up process as simple as possible. Once your interest has been confirmed, you should receive a proposal from an assigned sales staff. A data collection form will be sent out to your school after payment has been made. Then the information collected from this will be used to setup your school. After this, a staff training will now be scheduled which usually takes 3 days or less (depending on the number of your staff that we need to train). Once the training process is complete, your school can start using Schulup smoothly.

How Long will the Setup Process Take?

Typically, the entire setup process takes about a week, depending on how fast you are able to return your data collection form.

I have requested for a Demo but haven't heard from you?

We try to respond to requests as soon as we get them. However, because of the number of requests we get, this may be impossible and it will sometimes take up to a week to respond before you hear from us. Note that all requests are responded to in the order that they were placed. If you haven’t heard from us in over a week, we will advice you to contact us directly via email: or phone:07015858897, 08069071539

Can i adopt Schulup at the middle of a Session?

Yes you can but we usually advice you start with Schulup at the beginning of a new session, to allow enrollment officers and admin a chance to start entering records from a fresh academic year. However, a good number of schools have successfully introduced Schulup during the second or even third school term. It all depends on you!